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The world-wide importance of reliable and efficient COVID-19 testing cannot be understated. We are sure you have questions. Read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or simply call us for details.

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PCR & Rapid Antigen testing.

We come to your location the day of the test and administer the test. Administrating the test on the day of testing will be faster if all your students, employees, etc have already signed up. Our compliance logistics team will set up a unique flow for the least amount of downtime for your business. The more employees you have the more staff we send to make sure we are in and out quickly.

Insurance is under mandate to cover the COVID-19 test. There will be no billing for the client (unless he/she tests every single day without a reason or if the testing is exaggerated).

We accept all insurances

Insurance is required. As of March 23rd, 2022, the Government Care Act will no longer cover the cost of testing the uninsured.

Results for PCR (nasal swab test) 24-48 hours. Results for Rapid Antigen 15-30 min.

The people we send out to administer the Covid tests have been trained by our Lab Director.

Typically, we set up a schedule ahead of time (ex. If you test every Wednesday, we make sure you get all kits by Tuesday)

A spreadsheet is emailed to the employer or principal with all negs or poss. Then we send individual emails to patients. Also, we’ll provide a personal dashboard to monitor total Positive/Negative or any other reported needed.

We provide full training as often as needed to the employer who administers the test.

Test kits come with pre-printed barcoded labels.

We pick up the test kits based on what we schedule with you.

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